Sylvia Turns Seventy

Saturday, October 15, 2005



There have been three spam comments to Zoe's first message; I've deleted them. I've closed the first message to new comments and of course it is still available to read. If people would still like to post here with more wishes and connections, this thread is open.

Sylvia, 70 plus 12 days, and feeling cherished

... a healthy and happy birthday.
Dear Zoe,

What a delightful grandaughter you must be! Your tradition of celebrating birthdays with Sylvia is wonderful and I'm happy to add to the Blog. ... Once she called and came to see us after she'd been away on a trip, and she brought us the biggest, most marvelous ceramic pig. I don't know to this day how it traveled intact. I used to display it on an open shelf in my Belmont kitchen. Now that I've downsized to an apartment, that same pig was singled out by my younger daugher Margot who has it on display in her house in Riverdale, NY. We all refer to it as The Pig Cousin Sylvia Brought.

Love to all,

Cousin Estelle
People who received the blog invitation and chose not to post are wishing me happpy birthday when I see them at meetings or speak with them on the phone -- Steve Mayberg, Susan Star, Ron Manderscheid, Yana Jacobs, ... . I'm wanting that noted here too.
Happy Birthday, from Gordo
Victoria, Sylvia...has so much of the good in you. All the best, Buck
I was just at People Who reading all the nice comments
from people like Miriam Gershow, Joseph Rogers, Linda
Andre, Neal Adams, etc, etc.

I hope things are going well for you. And happy
belated 70th bday!!

Kevin Fitts
Oregon Mental Health Consumers Association
Do you remember me? We lived as neighbors in Waltham around 1977. After Wellesley. 70 seems young to me--I am almost 73. Our lives took very different turns after Waltham--not all happy ones. However, like you I have two children (2 boys then) and grandchildren, who have developed into successful and loving men despite the misfortunes in my life. And like you I have had to survive alone although I didn't do it nearly as successfully as you have.

It has been a priviledge to read all the accolades to your life. Good luck and much happiness.
Happy birthday and stay well.
You will think I'm nuts posting months after your official birthday. I'm afraid the prospect of saying the "right thing" on such an occasion seriously deterred my typing/opining. But Sylvia is seriously excellent. And, for me as for many people, Sylvia has provided amazing doors to new ways of thinking and imagining. Claudia Center
Understand you had a happy 70th birthday recently, to which I would like to join my best wishes.
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