Sylvia Turns Seventy

Sunday, October 04, 2015



I was so focused on not creating extravagant attention to an annual event that even Facebook didn't tell you that I turned 80 yesterday. Family and close friends respected my wish for no gifts and a low key acknowledgment. (I did get emails from Canadian Pharmacies, Medicare, and FlyerTalk.) But in so stressing no big parties, no big focus, no surprises, NPR's pledge drive today helped me realize that I didn't think about what I would like. As a way to mark the day, I'd appreciate donations to build up the MHCAN reserve account. I recently joined the board, and one aim is to strengthen our financial stability by building the reserve account up to $60,000. Then, when government is late in paying for our contracted services, we still comfortably pay bills and meet payroll. (NB: page has sound accompaniment.) Scroll down to donate link – PayPal or Credit Card.


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